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A talented musician, captivating performer and master teacher, Amber Field has the unique gift to share music and expressive arts as healing, liberating practices for individuals and communities.


To free our voices in harmony with others as we co-create a world of collective liberation! 


I am a performer, teacher, and sound healer who specializes in world fusion music. I was featured in San Francisco Magazine’s Best of the Bay for yoga music. My studies include:

  • Western Classical piano 1980-current
  • Didgeridoo, djembe, Arabic tambourine 1999-current
  • Indian classical music (tabla percussion and esraj strings) 2002-4 at Viswa Bharati University, West Bengal
  • Classical voice (Community Music Center) 2006-current
  • Harmonica 2009-current
  • Sanskrit Mantra and Chanting (Yoga Society of SF) 2006
  • Tamalpa Practitioner, Graduate of 3-year expressive arts training program (2011-14)
  • Drama Therapy Training and Autobiographical Therapeutic Performance Graduate (Living Arts Counseling Center) 2015
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I was born in South Korea and adopted as a baby by an American woman who worked for the US embassy. I also have an older adopted sister from Taiwan. I grew up in South Korea, Nepal, Liberia, and the US. As an adult, I have lived in Peru, India, and South Korea in addition to my home base here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Pomona College with a BA in Indian history.

After college, I realized that I had more book learning than life wisdom and set off on a healing journey working on farms in Europe, Borneo, and Ladakh and then studying yoga, meditation, reiki and music for 2 years. After that, I was a community organizer and activist working on living wage campaigns in the US. This work satisfied my deep hunger for social justice and also gave me clarity that rage was fueling my work. I realized that I needed to heal to some of my own wounds around adoption, gender, sexuality and race in addition to trying to transform social institutions and systems that create this wounding. Fortunately, I found music, art and healing practices that helped transform pain into beauty.

I have performed solo and collaboratively as a musician and theater/performance artist at the San Francisco International Arts Festival, Chuncheon Mime Festival, Queer Arts Festival, Empowering Women of Color Conference, Queer and Asian Conference, Wanderlust, Yoga Journal Conference, and more. I also am a filmmaker and have screened at the Austin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival and SF International Women’s Festival.

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These days, I am passionate about art as activism and a tool for personal and social change. I volunteered as a teen and family retreat counselor at Spirit Rock Meditation Center facilitating mindfulness workshops for years and also have worked with the adoption community as a counselor. I love combining expressive practices and mindfulness in my work. My mission is for all of us to speak our truths in harmony with each other. As a genderqueer, non-binary Asian American performer and teacher, I am committed to spreading the love frequency to create a world of justice and peace.

In 2011, I launched the Free Your Voice, Free Your Harmony, Free Your Chakras, and Free Your Drum and Sing series that helps people sing, sound, and speak their truths with more confidence and freedom. I share all the resources that have helped me on my own journey of empowerment and watch people bloom!

Since 2013, I have been co-facilitating The Art of Solidarity 5-day training with Juli Rees that helps people examine racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism and other issues through expressive arts and drama. This diversity training creates a space for deep sharing and listening through embodied arts practices and fosters feelings of connection and solidarity. We have shorter workshop options as well.

Armand Volkas, who started the Living Arts Counseling Center in Emeryville, and I also co-facilitate Adoption Stories: Healing the Primal Wound for adult adoptees that uses drama therapy and expressive arts.

In 2018, Aryeh Shell and I are launching Collective Emergence: Embodying the Future We Want Now, an innovative diversity & solidarity training program that explores our ancestors, the earth, deep time, power/privilege, solidarity, collective creation and visioning and liberation to help us create a world of hope, peace, and justice through somatic and arts practices.

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“Amber is a gift on so many levels. When Amber sings or plays their instruments, there is an ethereal, healing quality that brings a deep sense of peace.”
— Sherry Goldstein, Owner of Yoga Sanctuary, Las Vegas
“Amber is full of energy and has a fun and playful attitude besides being a skilled and professional musician.”
Katchie Ananda, yoga instructor and kirtan co-creator
“I would sign up for anything Amber Field teaches. I’ve taken both private lessons and group classes with them. Both are the most inspiring and supportive classes I have ever taken.”
Lisa H, Free Your Voice private and group student

“Amber’s sacred vibrations opening our hearts and connect us to the source through drums and didgeridoo that will rock you to the core.”
— Janet Stone, yoga teacher

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