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I specialize in transmitting the love frequency in world fusion music. You can hear my influences of Western classical, gospel, the blues, rock, Indian ragas, Middle Eastern, West African, and shamanic sounds when I play.

I have been creating improvisational soundscapes for yoga classes for almost 10 years and also give healing sound baths for individuals and groups. I bring in the many instruments I play and tune people from root to crown. I lead sound baths, chakra sound healings and facilitate shamanic drum journeys. I also facilitate rites of passage and play music and sing for baby blessings, weddings, funerals, and other major transitions. In addition, I play house concerts and parties, benefits, and festivals and can provide the entertainment, educational and healing component to make up a special event. I have recorded several albums and compose music for films, DVDS and other projects.

I hope to touch you with my music and offerings!

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Come experience the healing power of sound through a sound bath. Our bodies are vibrating with sounds (that we mostly can’t hear), and when certain parts are not well, they don’t vibrate at their optimal frequency. Sound has the ability to retune our cells.

In my sound baths, I tune the body from root to crown. I start with shamanic Buffalo drumming that induces the theta brain wave, which gives clarity, calm and increased creativity. I give didgeridoo sound healings over various chakras of your body. Didgeridoo is an earthy, low frequency with many overtones that is particularly helpful for breaking up energy blocks. Then I bring in Native flute to open the heart chakra. Hapi drum and Tibetan bowls help open the higher chakras. Throughout the sound bath, I use my voice to call in healing through Sanskrit mantra and prayers, spirituals, shamanic chanting, and angelic singing.

You will feel relaxed, refreshed and renewed. Come experience this internal vibration and massage of sound and a beautiful sharing circle afterwards to integrate.

I am available for private and group sound baths in my home, your home, yoga studios,  corporate events, etc. Clients and locations include Lululemon, Willka T’ika Retreat Center in Peru, The Center SF, and Yoga Tree. Rates depend on number of people and length of time.


“Thank you so much again for coming! I’m so happy we got to share a sound healing experience with my friends! It was most of their first times and everyone had amazing things to say afterwards. We truly enjoyed your sounds and the experience was magnificent.”–Rocky T.

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I am happy to assist people in rites of passage through ritual design and facilitation, performance, sound healing, and more. If you would like to have a special ceremony where you can be witnessed and supported through a major life transition, I can offer my creative, empowering, loving services. I offer didgeridoo sound healings and general sound baths,  performances of various instruments, singing (including group singing), drumming, and more. I offer blessings, intention setting, creating a healing field, and integration circles afterwards. I enjoy playing at and facilitating:

  • baby blessings and showers
  • birthday celebrations
  • weddings
  • graduation ceremonies
  • funerals
  • major life transitions such as ending relationships, starting new jobs, stepping into your power!


“I invited Amber to play at my baby blessing. They initiated us into the blessing by blasting our hearts with the healing sound waves of the didgeridoo. This set the tone for the entire ceremony. Amber played throughout the ceremony and led us in song as well. Days later, I am still getting calls and texts telling me how powerful that experience was for the participants. Bring Amber into your life. You will be so grateful that you did.” — Ali Schneider, Berkeley

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“Amber created a wonderfully rich musical ambiance at my daughter’s Mother Blessing. After all the guests arrived and mingled for a while, Amber masterfully initiated the ceremony with a few meaningful words and then filled our hearts, bodies and souls with the deep and healing resonance of the didgeridoo. Amber’s introduction was followed by a performance on various musical instruments and songs that set the tone and carried it as we all contributed our our own thoughts, meditations and offerings to create a marvelous experience for everybody involved. Amber’s music and presence seemed to transform an already special event into one that was sublime.” —  Jarl Forsman, Sausalito


I am available for house concerts (chanting, spirituals, call and response singing), private events, instrumental performances, educational concerts, birthday celebrations, art openings, conferences, gatherings, benefits, etc. I can bless the space and participants with didgeridoo, sing, perform didge and drumming, teach how to play instruments, lead people in song, do sound healings, etc. I have performed and taught at UC Santa Cruz, private birthday events at wineries and in people’s homes, large conferences and events such as UC Berkeley Queer and Asian Conference, SF Jazz, National Philanthropy Day at Fairmont Hotel, SF International Arts Festival, etc.


I guide people on shamanic drum journeys while playing a steady drum beat that activate your theta brain waves to induce deep states of healing, creativity and clarity. Go to the upper or lower world and meet your power animal, spirit guides, and other helper beings and receive teachings, messages, and guidance about questions and issues you are healing and seeking insight on. We can combine this with chakra sound healing to prepare for the journey and expressive arts to help integrate afterwards.


I have been performing and recording since 2005. I have recorded didgeridoo, percussion and voice on several people’s albums and recorded 4 of my own albums (Serendip, Mystic Spiral, Bijly and Rough). I also compose music for people’s yoga videos, films, and books. My latest project was turning a children’s book about a homeless goat into a song and mixing and recording 20 children singing on top of the instrumental tracks I laid down.

From Amber Field’s entrancing vocals to the cosmic sounds of crystal bowls, Indian strings, Turkish percussion, didgeridoo and electric bass, Serendip transports the listener on a soulful journey through kirtan chants, Sufi melodies and haunting soundscapes that leave you ecstatically transformed.

Join Amber Field’s Caravan to Serendip (old name for Sri Lanka). The album title Serendip is inspired by a Persian fairy tale The Three Princes of Serendip. As the princes traveled, they always made fortunate discoveries of things they weren’t questing for. Serendip is such a journey.

In the Mourning After, wake up to the quiet longing of She Becomes Sun and then set out for the day with a Trickster Wink. Find your bliss at a dance party on the island of Serendip. Delight in the Rumble of an afternoon thunderstorm and follow the Summon to celebrate the sunset At the Ganga. Immerse yourself in a Mud Bath and get lost in a meandering Desert Reverie. Finally, fall asleep and awaken to your own divinity in Lucid Dream.


  • “Go Home, Goat”, Original musical composition and recording with children at Clarendon Elementary of Molly Coxe’s children’s book “Go Home, Goat,” SF, June 2017
  • Serendip by Amber Field’s Caravan, April 2014
  • Mystic Spiral by Amber Field, 2011
  • Silence to Static, Jimmy Johnson, 2008
  • Last Days of Empire, Becky White and the Secret Message, 2007
  • Bijly by Bijly, 2006
  • Rough by Anokha, 2005

Let me know if you would like me to create music for your album, film, Yoga DVD, book, or project.

My latest album is now available! Click this link to listen to tracks and buy MP3s or a CD:

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I have been performing live music in yoga classes since 2008 and was featured in San Francisco Magazine’s Best of the Bay 2009 for yoga music. I am very intuitive and able to provide the perfect soundscape for the flow of the class. I rock out on drums and didgeridoo for more fiery vinyasa classes, and offer piano, chanting, tanpura and flute for the cooling poses. In restorative poses and classes, I sing, play hapi drum and bowls, esraj, and offer didgeridoo sound healings during savasana. I sing traditional Sanskrit mantras and chants in addition to Indian ragas, Middle Eastern melodies, gospel, spirituals, Shamanic chanting, and angelic Western chanting.

I am one of the regular musicians at Grace Cathedral’s Labyrinth Yoga class on Tuesdays and play for over 700 people. I am also Yoga Tree’s resident musician and play at Namaste Yoga and other studios in the Bay Area. I have performed at the Yoga Journal Conference, Esalen Summer Yoga Retreat, Wanderlust, and retreat centers around the world including Willka T’ika in Peru and Agama Yoga in Mexico.

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