Let's make some music!
Sing & play music

Group and private classes

Voice, didgeridoo, Native flute, harmonium, esraj, piano, harmonica
djembe, cajon, Arabic tambourine, buffalo drum, hapi drum

All levels from beginners to advanced
Explore, connect, grow

Facilitator of private and group experiences

Workshops & courses:
Ancestral Healing
Grief Medicine
The Art of Solidarity leadership
Chakra Sound Healing & Shamanic Journeys
Adoption Stories for adoptees
Collective Emergence
Listen and be inspired

Solo and group music performances at festivals, clubs, house concerts and rites of passages including baby showers, birthday parties, graduations, weddings, funerals

Director and collaborator for performance art and theater shows
Retune your body

Live healing music collaboration with yoga teachers for all styles of yoga classes

Private and group sound baths in
my studio, your home, community organizations, wellness studios, corporate and nonprofit special events


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