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Amber Field is a compassionate and astounding voice teacher and their process and methods ignite a variety of creative levels – they teach others to connect with a truthful and empowered voice from a deep internal foundation!–Gabriel D

As a holistic vocal coach trained in the LoVetri Method of Somatic Voicework™ and an Tamalpa Associate Teacher of Expressive Arts, I help you with the technical, psychological, and emotional aspects of freeing your voice so that you can fully express yourself with confidence in a way that is healthy for your body. Sing, sound & speak your truth!

For people who prefer to focus on singing, we will: 1. Tune your instrument (breath and support, release throat and body tension, scales, warmups, pitch, timbre, range). 2. Play your instrument (sing songs, phrasing, dynamics, vibrato, etc.) 3. Express your soul’s song (connect in with your intention/emotional connection as you sing). We can play with harmonies, improv singing, creating your own songs, and preparing for performances.

For those who want a more therapeutic approach, I use creative movement, somatic practices, and sounding to help you transform emotionally and somatically. The voice reveals your mood and how you feel about yourself and how the world perceives you. Release rage and grief and express yourself through sound. Move forward with more ease.

For speaking purposes, we can explore your voice tone and range, and address nasality, raspiness, huskiness, hoarseness, breathiness, throat tension, losing your voice, intonation, and more. I can help you with presentations and speeches and your facilitation skills as a wedding officiant, coach, or large group facilitator, for example.

I am honored to work with my trans and non-binary communities to help explore our voices in a loving, supportive environment

I also love to work with yogis to teach mantra, devotional chants, and how to sing and play harmonium. This nada yoga (sound yoga) helps you focus, get clear, feel calm, and connect to the divine.

We can see what you’re looking for and what methods/modalities resonate with you in each individualized session.
Performing didgeridoo and drumming at the AKASF Conference

Musical Instruments

Amber has taught me to play from within. They create space for my own music and song to express itself while also pushing me to build good technique through careful listening–Andrew, Native flute

Hand drums (Djembe, Cajon, Arabic Tambourine, Buffalo drum, Hapi drum)
Piano and Harmonium
Native flute and Harmonica

Expressive Arts

I would sign up for anything Amber Field teaches. I’ve done both private sessions and group classes with them. Both are the most inspiring and supportive classes I have ever taken–Lisa

Do you want to free your voice and free your life? Have you felt stuck in different areas of your life and want to move forward with clarity and ease? I can help. If you are willing to do authentic, vulnerable and courageous work to create a life in deeper alignment with your truth, then we may be a great match. Expressive Arts allows you to contact the wisdom of your body as different modalities such as movement, voice work, drawing, drama allow deepening insights and breakthroughs.

I am a Tamalpa Associate Teacher of expressive arts and also incorporate somatics, drama therapy, and mindfulness practice to help you explore different themes in your life that don’t seem to resolve through talk therapy or left-brain processes. I love working with people who are empowered to create change in their life and need some support, witnessing, and guidance to release grief, rage, adoption-related trauma, sexuality, gender and racial/cultural issues, and more. I am available for single, short term, and long term sessions. Reach out!

All sessions are $120/hour online and in my Albany studio. $150/hour if I make a house call to you in SF. Buy 6 sessions and save $50. Limited sliding scale available for queer, POC, and low-income people who are looking to work with me long term.

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