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Music has been my primary healing tool over the years. I love sharing all the resources that have helped me on my journey. I am your guide, coach, and playmate in this process. Creative expression through music is a deeply satisfying, enlivening process. I teach all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced students, voice, didgeridoo, hand drums, piano, harmonium, Native flute, harmonica, and esraj.

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I teach the basic drone, circular breathing, tonguing, cheek techniques, wobbling, jaw dropping, animal sounds, vocal cries, singing into the didge, overblowing (tooting), different didgeridoo and world rhythms, and more. Circular breathing is critical to be able to play continuously. Some students have been able to learn it in a few lessons, while others take a month or two. Be patient. It took me 3 weeks of blowing into a straw every day to learn how to circular breathe. It’s also an excellent aid in relieving sleep apnea as it strengthens throat muscles.

Hand drums (Djembe, Cajon, Arabic Tambourine, Buffalo drum, Hapi drum)

I teach 2/4, 4/4, 6/8, 7/8, 9/8, 12/8 and other rhythms.  I enjoy teaching trance style drumming and opening and closing (filling) Middle Eastern rhythms. I teach traditional West African, Latin, and Indian rhythms as well as Native American buffalo drum rhythms.

I specialize in teaching people to sing and drum at the same time. Full body bliss as you integrate melody and rhythm! I also show you how to improvise and solo as you accompany yourself singing with drumming.

Piano and Harmonium

I teach Western classical piano, jazz, rock and blues. I also teach kirtan chants, chords, scales, and fingering/pumping techniques on the harmonium. Sing and play at the same time!

Native flute and Harmonica

Learn scales, melodies, songs, blowing techniques, overblowing, bending notes, vibrato, rhythms and more. Rock, blues, shamanic and other styles.


Tuning, scales, fingering and bowing techniques, ragas, vibrato, meend (ways of getting to the different notes creatively)


I practice voice work in a number of ways with my clients:

  • Develop vocal skill including proper breathing techniques, support, opening the throat, projection
  • Sing on pitch
  • Work on the health of your vocal cords
  • Release muscular tension in neck, throat and body while singing
  • Find a vocal range that is optimal for your health
  • Open your body and chakras through sound meditations
  • Learn songs from various world traditions
  • Tune your instrument, your body! Become more embodied
  • Express many aspects of yourselves through voice
  • Give voice to grief
  • Give vent to rage through shouts and yells
  • Create your own songs
  • Vocal coaching
  • Prepare for presentations & performances
  • Gain clarity doing expressive arts practices with movement, sounding & improv
  • Develop insights through drama therapy and voice work

Price & Logistics

Individual sessions are $120/hour in my Albany studio. $150 for house calls in SF. Buy 6 sessions and save $50. A few sliding scale spots available.

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“I would sign up for anything Amber Field teaches. I’ve taken both private lessons and group classes with them. Both are the most inspiring and supportive classes I have ever taken. Amber leads you through a supportive, fun, creative process that will not only improve your singing but also will change your life.”–Lisa H, voice student
“Amber Field is a compassionate and astounding voice teacher and their process and methods ignite a variety of creative levels – they teach others to connect with a truthful and empowered voice from a deep internal foundation!”–Gabriel D, voice student
“Their patience with a new student is heartfelt. They are an amazing teacher – no need to look elsewhere.”— Les Leventhal, didge student
“They are incredible at what they do. I have had many different teachers in my life, and Amber has been one that stands out. Amber has a lot to offer any musician.”— Nicoletta T, Arabic tambourine student

“Your energy as a drum teacher is wonderful! You are obviously passionate about it and clearly want to share your skills. You certainly gave me much more insight into rhythm than anyone else has.”— Tessa C, djembe student


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