Liberate and heal in community
What we learned in kindergarten applied to adulthood
The Art of Solidarity
Co-Facilitated with Juli Rees, Director of Education at Hospital Employees Union, Vancouver.

Experience the transformational power of expressive arts and body-based practices applied to leadership and solidarity. Through movement, drawing, singing, writing and reflection, explore how identity, privilege and power influence our leadership and working relationships. Gain awareness of your strengths and challenges as we create together and apply new leadership skills and practices. This program provides participants with the opportunity to practice solidarity in the group and then take these skills back to their communities. No prior experience with the arts is necessary as we draw upon everyone’s innate creativity. Become a more creative, embodied leader and deepen relationships with people from different cultural and social backgrounds so that we can truly lead together to create the change we want to see in the world.

Ancestral healing
Diverse Legacies
Explore the ancestral stories you carry as well as the legacy you want to leave co-facilitated with Aryeh Shell, former education director at Creative Action Institute. During the workshop, we will examine the spoken and unspoken messages transmitted by society, family and personal experiences including our trauma/challenges as well as resilience and strengths. We will engage somatic and arts-based practices to explore our intersectional identities and craft a ritual theater performance to more deeply embody the legacies we want to heal, lift up and live into.

We will use frameworks of decolonization, feminist oral history, emergent strategy and collective liberation with experiential methods that incorporate acting, improvisation, drama therapy, Theatre of the Oppressed, voice work, drawing, poetry, art installations, and ritual. The journey culminates in a rites of passage 5-7 minute performance for your invited witnesses.

This course will build deep community with a diverse group of fabulous change makers, healers, artists, and human beings! If you are interested in expressing your life story through theater, metaphor, embodiment, and storytelling, this course is for you!

Everyone is welcome. No theater or performance experience is necessary as we will provide all the tools and skills for your final performance. Diverse Legacies will help you claim and recreate your life narrative as a living, breathing work of art!

Attend to your broken heart in community
Grief Medicine
Co-facilitated with Amy Swart, MFT. Whether your grief is surviving the loss of a loved one, a relationship breakup, or something else that brings you to a state of bereavement, this workshop was created just for you. A morning of energizing and nourishing yoga and movement, sound healing, and expressive arts support you in acknowledging, accepting, and attending to whatever has brought your heart to the place of being broken.

In this healing space, we can manage the heavy emotions of loss. Together we will dip into a sound bath while doing gentle and restorative yoga to ease the grieving heart and explore creative ways including drawing, writing and movement to contact, express and move as we honor loss in its many shapes and forms. By coming together in community, we can make space for ourselves and each other to process and transform our individual grief, together.

Please bring a journal, something to write with, and an object of significance for the grief altar. Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in.

Meet your power animal and spirit guides
Chakra Sound Healing & Shamanic Drum Journey
The whole universe is vibrating with sound. Your body is vibrating with sound. Come experience the healing effects of sound through chanting ancient Indian mantras and seed syllables to open and tune your chakras, or energy centers. We will do some group singing and community building exercises. Afterwards, receive a didgeridoo sound healing over your chakras to further integrate the experience. The didgeridoo has powerful sound waves that can dislodge blocks in the body and move energy.

We will end with a shamanic journey with the Native American buffalo drum. The drum beats activate your theta brain waves to induce deep states of healing, creativity and clarity. Meet your power animal on your shamanic drum journey and any teachings/insight it wishes to give you. Bring a journal to write down any messages after the journey. Afterwards, we will tune our bodies as instruments and play lovely music together through toning and chanting. Wrap up with a beautiful community integration sharing circle.

Healing the Primal Wound
Adoption Stories
Co-facilitated with drama therapist Armand Volkas of the Living Arts Counseling Center. Adopted people often have complex feelings, identities and family relationships that are difficult to navigate. The primal wound of separation from the birth mother can result in grief, anger, abandonment, and longing. Relationships with the adopted family can bring gratitude and disappointment. There are few places where the diversity of these adoption experiences can be witnessed and held.

Join us for a weekend of exploration and healing with prominent drama therapy and expressive arts facilitators. We will uncover and transform our stories into life affirming narratives through drama therapy and the expressive arts. No previous arts or theatre experience is necessary. Shy people are welcome!

Co-creating a just, sustainable world
Collective Emergence
Collective Emergence: Embody The Future We Want Now A unique diversity and solidarity course that uses embodied creative practices co-facilitated with Aryeh Shell

How do we embody now the future we want to live into?
How do we build beloved communities of belonging?
How do we strengthen our resilience, internally and collectively, to stay present and responsive to our changing world?

Using trauma-informed embodied arts practices, we will strengthen our capacity to be effective leaders and allies in authentic relationship with each other, working together for mutual transformation and collective liberation. This innovative diversity training creates a space for deep sharing and listening to foster a sense of belonging and solidarity.

We explore:
• Ancestral stories and legacies
• Power, privilege and intersectional identities
• Trauma resiliency
• Communication and feedback skills
• Transforming limiting beliefs/internalized oppression
• Effective ally interventions and solidarity actions
• Deep ecology and biomimicry
• Emergent strategy
• Embodied visioning

Using poetry, visual art, storytelling, singing, drumming, ritual performance, Theatre of the Oppressed and the Work that Reconnects

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