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I believe that everyone can sing. When we free our voices, we free our lives. Our stories and music have the power to heal and liberate. Let's play together and create a world where we all feel empowered and belong.

What people say

I would sign up for anything Amber Field teaches. Both private and group classes are the most inspiring and supportive classes I have ever taken. For years, I searched for a voice teacher who could both help me improve specific aspects of my singing (intonation, interval training and breath work) and help me remove emotional blocks that constricted my voice and held me back from connecting with and pursuing my creative desires. I finally found that teacher in Amber. They lead you through a supportive, fun, creative process that will not only improve your singing but also will change your life. –Alison H.

Amber Field’s “Free Your Voice” Workshop was absolutely astounding. They are incredibly skilled at quietly creating a safe space and gently encouraging people to explore and find their truth, then openly express it. So many times at the end of the class people would voice their delight at being given the space to “play.” Whether you are a professional singer or have never sung a note in your life you will benefit from this workshop. Sign up NOW!!! You won’t regret it.–Colleen B.

Amber’s Free Your Voice courses helped me go from wanting to perform music to actually performing–Michael S.

Amber’s Free Your Voice While Drumming class was outstanding! After every class, I left  amazed at what I had accomplished in less than 2 hours. They break down rhythm in a way that makes it incredibly tangible for a total beginner to percussion. And then they teach you to integrate your voice while drumming. An awesome teacher and I would strongly recommend it! –Jai S.

Amber is just awesome… the workshop was very freeing in many aspects. Before I knew it, I was singing and using my voice with so much more confidence and freedom. The change came very fast too. The other thing about the workshop is that it was so much fun. Amber attracts cool, fun and free people. –Lana R.

I took Amber’s “Free Your Voice” class this summer and was blown away by how much I got out of it.  Amber is not only a kind and patient person, but they teach with the expert grace of a seasoned therapist and musician combined. What affected me the most were the rich interpersonal and community-building activities we did. Through improv and group performances, I learned to trust myself and be vulnerable in new ways. In ten weeks I got ten years worth of talk therapy and musical training combined. And the community we formed is priceless. –Michael F.

Amber’s class is one of my favorite things I’ve done for myself as an adult. Throughout Free Your Voice, I learned how to be more honest, creative and vulnerable. But mostly it was just *so* much fun–Hanna J.

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Chakra sound healing & didgeridoo
7:30-9:30pm The Center SF, $30
Grace Cathedral, SF, 6:15-7:30pm
Voice, esraj, didge, flute, by donation
W/ Yvonne Kingsley, 7:30-9:30pm
The Center SF, 548 Fillmore St., $30
2 hr workshop, 3-5pm, $35 Berkeley
Yoga Kula, 1700 Shattuck Ave.

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