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As a vocal coach, I am here to help you with the technical and emotional aspects of what’s happening with your voice. I have found that both are necessary to free your voice and express your soul. A lot of what holds people back vocally is psychological, so I bring my experiences in expressive arts and drama therapy, somatic practices and mindfulness in addition to technical training to help you sing, sound and speak your truth with confidence.

For people who prefer a more traditional approach, we will: 1. Tune your instrument (scales, warmups, being on pitch, extending the range). 2. Play your instrument (sing songs, work on phrasing, dynamics, vibrato, etc.) 3. Express your soul’s song (connect in with your intention/emotional connection as you sing). We can play with harmonies, song coaching, preparing for performances, and creating your own songs.

For those who want a more therapeutic approach which might include expressive arts and drama therapy, I use a combination of methods that might include creative movement, somatic practices, and sounding to help you transform emotionally and somatically. The voice reveals your mood and how you feel about yourself and how the world perceives you. I offer different sounding techniques to help you release emotions and express through words, sounds and song what you need to let go of and to move forward with more ease in the world.

For speaking purposes, we can explore your voice tone and range, and address issues of nasality, raspiness, huskiness, hoarseness, breathiness, throat tension, losing your voice, and more. I can help you work on presentations and speeches.

I also love to work with yogis to teach mantra, devotional chants, and how to sing and play harmonium. This nada yoga (sound yoga) helps you focus, get clear, feel calm, and connect to the divine.

We can see what you’re looking for and what methods/modalities resonate with you in each individualized session. For example, sessions could include a guided sound/movement meditation, scale warmup, learning a song, doing expressive arts around a theme you’re exploring in your life, and improvisational sounding. I look forward to being a guide and playmate on your transformative voice journey!

Sessions are $100/hour in Albany, $120/hour if I come to you in SF. Buy 6 sessions and save $50.

In addition, I offer 10-week group courses Free Your Voice, Free Your Harmony, Free Your Chakras, Free your Drum and Sing, and Voices of Belonging that can supplement our individual work.


I practice voice work in a number of ways with my clients:

  • Develop vocal skill including proper breathing techniques, support, opening the throat, projection
  • Sing on pitch
  • Work on the health of your vocal cords
  • Release muscular tension in neck, throat and body while singing
  • Find a vocal range that is optimal for your health
  • Open your body and chakras through sound meditations
  • Learn songs from various world traditions
  • Tune your instrument, your body! Become more embodied
  • Express many aspects of yourselves through voice
  • Give voice to grief
  • Give vent to rage through shouts and yells
  • Create your own songs
  • Vocal coaching
  • Prepare for presentations & performances
  • Gain clarity doing expressive arts practices with movement, sounding & improv
  • Develop insights through drama therapy and voice work


“Amber is not only a kind and patient person, but they teach with the expert grace of a seasoned therapist and musician combined.”–Michael F

“Amber leads you through a supportive, fun, creative process that will not only improve your singing but also will change your life.”–Alison H

“Amber has helped me work through blocks to get to a point where I feel confident and excited to sing and use my voice in general. I particularly love how versatile individual sessions were; some sessions we focused on learning classical vocal techniques and others were more like voice therapy, using creative exercises to get out of the head and allow the voice to flow more freely. This has helped me outside of class and beyond singing as well…speaking in public, negotiating at work, relating to new and old friends…all of these areas of my life have been enhanced.”–Racheli W


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