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When I was five years old, I wanted to win 4 Olympic gold medals like Carl Lewis, win the Nobel Peace Prize, be a famous writer, and be a teacher. The first 3 have not happened yet, but the fourth one is alive and well. I have always loved sharing my enthusiasm for learning and growth, and delight in helping people do something they didn’t think was possible. I am a natural teacher with endless support, patience, and encouragement. I believe in you when you stop believing in yourself. I love teaching because it’s creative as I find different ways to reach different students.

I love working with people who want to grow and transform, and use voice, music and art as tools to their own liberation and the liberation of all beings.

In particular, I enjoy working with people who have experienced challenges around voice (speaking up, speaking out); belonging; sexual shame, violation and shut down; sexuality; gender expression and identity; adoption; the inner critic; and identity issues. If you are here to heal your ancestral lines and feelings of separation from each other and the earth and want to be an empowered change agent in the world, I would love to work with you.

I teach private voice and music classes (didgeridoo, hand drums, Native flute, piano, harmonium, harmonica, esraj). I also offer voice coaching sessions that can incorporate expressive arts, drama therapy and somatic practices.

I have helped thousands of people free their voices, free their harmony, free their chakras, and free their voices while drumming in workshops and 10-week courses.

My early jobs were in community activism and organizing, so at this stage of my career I am thrilled to be designing and facilitating courses that bridge the political with the personal in The Art of Solidarity, Voices of Belonging: The Art of Collective Liberation, and Adoption Stories: Healing the Primal Wound.

My gift is using the arts as a way of healing on the personal, relational, and societal levels so that we can all be liberated.


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