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Sound Baths

Come experience the healing power of sound through a sound bath. Our bodies are vibrating with sounds (that we mostly can’t hear), and when certain parts are not well, they don’t vibrate at their optimal frequency. Sound has the ability to retune our cells.

In my sound baths, I tune the body from root to crown. I start with shamanic Buffalo drumming that induces the theta brain wave, which gives clarity, calm and increased creativity. I give didgeridoo sound healings over various chakras of your body. Didgeridoo is an earthy, low frequency with many overtones that is particularly helpful for breaking up energy blocks. Then I bring in Native flute to open the heart chakra. Hapi drum and Tibetan bowls help open the higher chakras. Throughout the sound bath, I use my voice to call in healing through Sanskrit mantra and prayers, spirituals, shamanic chanting, and angelic singing.

You will feel relaxed, refreshed and renewed. Come experience this internal vibration and massage of sound and a beautiful sharing circle afterwards to integrate.

I am available for private and group sound baths. Rates depend on number of people and length of time.


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