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What we play is life!
Amber_Field_portraits_0069 shortTeacher, Performer, Healer: I enjoy inspiring and empowering you in both individual and group sessions on your journey of wholeness and liberation!
  • Solo and group concerts at festivals, private events, fundraisers, and more
  • Performance with Lecture, keynotes, and workshops at universities, conferences, and more
  • Live music and sound healing in yoga classes
  • Private lessons (voice; hand drums including djembe, Arabic tambourine, and frame drums; didgeridoo; esraj; harmonica; harmonium)
  • Expressive Arts therapeutic private sessions to explore the voice, boundaries, anger, trauma, sexuality, race, adoption, identity
  • Free Your Voice group classes for individuals, non profits, unions, companies, and more
  • Adoption workshops that use drama therapy and expressive arts for adopted people, adoptive parents, and birth mothers (separate groups)
  • Solidarity & Inclusive Leadership Trainings for organizations (anti-oppression and diversity training that fosters team building with a curriculum that uses embodied expressive arts practices)
  • Kirtan (call and response chanting concerts)
  • Sound healing group and private sessions (didgeridoo, frame drum, Tibetan bowls, voice & more)
  • Shamanic journeying with the frame drum
  • Births and Baby Showers
  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Rituals
  • Art openings
  • Improvisational voice and music to accompany readings, movement, and other performances as a soundscape/soundtrack
“Amber is a gift on so many levels. When Amber sings or plays her instruments, there is an ethereal, healing quality that brings a deep sense of peace.”
— Sherry Goldstein, Owner of Yoga Sanctuary, Las Vegas
“Amber is not only a kind and patient person, but she teaches with the expert grace of a seasoned therapist and musician combined.”
Michael F, student
“Amber is full of energy and has a fun and playful attitude besides being a skilled and professional musician.”
Katchie Ananda, yoga instructor and kirtan co-creator
“I would sign up for anything Amber Field teaches. I’ve taken both private lessons and group classes with her. Both are the most inspiring and supportive classes I have ever taken.”
Lisa H, student

“Amber’s sacred vibrations opening our hearts and connect us to the source through drums and didgeridoo that will rock you to the core.”
— Janet Stone, yoga teacher


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