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Amber_Field_portraits_0041 shortThe voice is the primary means of communication in human beings. Our voice is an expression of who we are and how we feel. In the tones of a person’s voice you can hear the subtle music of feeling and thought. By transforming and enhancing the way we sound, we transform and enhance the way we perceive our self, and this influences the way others perceive us. By extending the breadth, depth strength, flexibility and fluidity of the vocal range, you can draw out the full imaginative spectrum of the psyche in sound.

The voice is the channel through which to express something from the inside, and a bridge between the inner world emotion/thought and the outer world of relationship/interaction.

I believe everyone can sing. There is a limit to how much we can express through verbal language. Before words, we expressed our emotions through sounds such as cooing, babbling, gibberish, crying, laughing, etc. I enjoy acting as a “singing partner” who can sing with you, share your load, harmonize, reverberate and echo your feelings.

I practice voice work in a number of ways with my clients:

  • Develop vocal skill including proper breathing techniques, support, opening the throat, projection
  • Sing on pitch
  • Work on the health of your vocal cords
  • Release muscular tension in neck, throat and body while singing
  • Find a vocal range that is optimal for your health
  • Open your body and chakras through sound meditations
  • Learn spirit songs from various world traditions
  • Express many aspects of yourselves through voice
  • Give voice to grief
  • Give vent to rage through shouts and yells
  • Create your own songs
  • Vocal coaching
  • Prepare for presentations & performances
  • Gain clarity doing expressive arts practices with movement, sounding & improv
  • Develop insights through drama therapy and voice work
  • Free your creativity and joy!

For students who prefer a more traditional singing instructor, we will: 1. Tune your instrument (scales, warmups, being on pitch, extending the range). 2. Play your instrument (sing songs, work on phrasing, dynamics, vibrato, etc.) 3. Express your soul’s song (connect in with your intention/emotional connection as you sing)

For those who want a more therapeutic/expressive arts voice facilitator, I use a combination of methods that might include creative movement, massage, and sounding practices to help you transform emotionally and somatically.

We can see what you’re looking for and what methods/modalities resonate with you in each individualized session. I look forward to being a guide and playmate on your transformative voice journey!

Individual sessions are $100/hour in my Albany studio. Special buy 6 sessions for $550 and save $50. $120 for house calls in SF.


“Amber Field is a compassionate and astounding voice teacher and her process and methods ignite a variety of creative levels – she teaches others to connect with a truthful and empowered voice from a deep internal foundation!”–Gabriel D, private voice student

“You totally freed and empowered my voice. I am now able to sing not only with my voice but with my heart and energy. You taught me that!”
 Lana Radivojevik, Fou Fou Ha troupe member

“The multitalented and energetic Amber Field combined her knowledge of bodywork, breath work, and song to help me heal my neck in an awesome 1-hour session yesterday. I will definitely recommend her to friends and loved ones and definitely use her services again.

Amber started me off with a breathing exercise that helped me relax and stretch. Then she did some focused massage that really opened up the most painful area. As a bodyworker, she is skilled and responsive to feedback.

Next, we chanted! Then we sang! Opening my throat and singing with a gentle and enthusiastic coach brought warmth, joy, and palpable healing to the part of my body that’s always working so hard to hold my big, heavy head up!

Amber’s truly creative and inspired in her work. If you’d like to explore healing and creativity with a collaborative and skilled partner, give her services a try. I’m so glad I did, and I feel great today!” —Kristy Billuni, The Sexy Grammarian

3rd video: angelic singing from Grace Cathedral's Labyrinth Walk in SF. With D Akebono (Japanese scale) Hapi Drum.


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