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Free Your Voice, Chakras, Harmony and Drum 2018 Schedule! 10 week courses

Sing, sound, and speak your truth with more confidence and freedom! 

Free Your Voice through toning, chanting, spirit songs, sound meditations, improv performance, vocal expressive arts, and more! From the sacred to the silly, open in ways you’ve never imagined and make long-lasting shifts in your life. Joy, play, community, transformation!

Free Your Chakras through breath and sound meditations, group singing and chanting, 4 part harmony, expressive arts and drama therapy to explore the psychological dimensions of each chakra, play, improvisation, and more. Get aligned and shine your light!

Free Your Harmony through songs in 4 part harmony in the oral tradition. Learn songs from Brazil, Nigeria, the Central African rainforest, and spirituals, gospel, and Civil Rights songs from the African American tradition. Expressive arts, drama therapy, and community improv exercises help you look at you in relation to others.

Foundation Flow: Free your voice while drumming parts A and B teach you to drum and sing at the same time as well as accompany others and improvise. You will learn how to open and close rhythms (Middle Eastern trance style of drumming). Jamming, expressive arts drum and voice activities, and play! 4 rhythms + 4 songs = Full joy!

Rhythm Weave: learn 3 West African polyrhythms and 3 part harmony songs and feel how all these parts make up a beautiful whole. Lots of drum and voice play, improv, jamming, and more. 4 polyrhythms + 4 songs in 3 part harmony = Full body bliss!

2018 Group Classes: 



Jan 8 – Mar 12

10 Mondays 

Free Your Voice: 5:45 to 7:15pm

Rhythm Weave (Polyrhythm Drumming and 3 part Harmonies): 7:15 to 8:45pm

Safehouse ARTS, 1 Grove St, Market and 8th at Civic Center BART



Mar 18 – May 20 

10 Sundays

Free Your Voice: 5-6:30pm

Free Your Harmony: 6:30 to 8pm

Maru Dojo, 736 14th St., Church and Market, SF



Oct 14 – Dec 16

10 Sundays 

Free Your Voice: 5-6:30pm

Free Your Chakras: 6:30-8pm

Maru Dojo, 736 14th St. at Church and Market



Terra’s Temple, 3051 Adeline at Ashby BART:


Jan 11 – Mar 15

10 Thursdays 

Free Your Chakras: 6-7:30pm

Free Your Voice while Drumming A: 7:30-9pm



Mar 22 – May 24

10 Thursdays

Free Your Voice: 6-7:30pm

Free Your Voice while Drumming B: 7:30-9pm



Oct 4 – Dec 13, Nov 22 off

10 Thursdays

Free Your Harmony: 6-7:30pm

Rhythm Weave (Polyrhythm Drumming and 3 part harmonies): 7:30-9pm

The 10-week program costs $333 early bird by 1/4, $360 regular. Payment plans available. A couple sliding scale spots for queer POC activists and artists.



“Amber Field’s Free Your Voice Workshop was absolutely astounding.  They are incredibly skilled at quietly creating a safe space and gently encouraging people to explore and find their truth, then openly express it.  So many times at the end of the class people would voice their delight at being given the space to “play” which, as adults with busy lives, we rarely have.  Whether you are a professional singer or have never sung a note in your life you will benefit from this workshop.  Sign up NOW!!!  You won’t regret it. “–Colleen Browne, group student

“They break down rhythm in a way that makes it incredibly tangible for a total beginner to percussion. And then they teach you to integrate your voice while drumming! An awesome teacher.” –Jai Singh, Free Your Voice 1, 2 and drumming student

“Amber’s class is one of my favorite things I’ve done for myself as an adult. Throughout the ten-week Free Your Voice course, I learned how to be more honest, creative and vulnerable. But mostly it was just *so* much fun.”--Hanna J., group student 

“This has helped me outside of class and beyond singing as well…speaking in public, negotiating at work, relating to new and old friends”–Racheli W., private and group student 

“Amber held a beautiful, safe, no judgement space for everyone to grow, learn, heal, sing, play, laugh & even cry”–Valerie C, group student  

“In ten weeks I feel like I got ten years worth of talk therapy and musical training combined.”–Michael F, group student

“Amber is a superb teacher. Their classes are both structured and fluid; the container is always safe. They have a broad range of skills, talents and knowledge that they bring to their teaching. This means that each session — individual or group — is exciting, so we can push our edge but also familiar, so we can stay grounded. I enthusiastically endorse Amber.”–Kaethe W, private and group student

“Amber’s class – Free Your Voice while Drumming – was outstanding. Amber is a superb teacher who makes learning drum polyrhythms accessible and fun. Our class became tight after just a few classes together, and we found ourselves doing things we didn’t think possible (and we’re not all musicians or singers – this is due to the way Amber sets up the songs and rhythms with varying levels of challenge, and always encourages us with heart and a smile). It’s more than just the rhythms, the forming of a meaningful group in a short time – it’s really a magical experience that has liberated new possibilities in my music and my being.” Lisa F, Free Your Voice while Drumming student

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  1. tracey says:

    I‘m very interested in your drum/voice series but would miss 2 classes. is there a way to attend remotely or record the lessons i‘d miss? thank you!!

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