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I have been performing and recording since 2005. I have recorded didgeridoo, percussion and voice on several people’s albums and recorded 4 of my own albums (Serendip, Mystic Spiral, Bijly and Rough). I also compose music for people’s yoga videos, films, and books. My latest project was turning a children’s book about a homeless goat into a song and mixing and recording 20 children singing on top of the instrumental tracks I laid down.

From Amber Field’s entrancing vocals to the cosmic sounds of crystal bowls, Indian strings, Turkish percussion, didgeridoo and electric bass, Serendip transports the listener on a soulful journey through kirtan chants, Sufi melodies and haunting soundscapes that leave you ecstatically transformed.

Join Amber Field’s Caravan to Serendip (old name for Sri Lanka). The album title Serendip is inspired by a Persian fairy tale The Three Princes of Serendip. As the princes traveled, they always made fortunate discoveries of things they weren’t questing for. Serendip is such a journey.

In the Mourning After, wake up to the quiet longing of She Becomes Sun and then set out for the day with a Trickster Wink. Find your bliss at a dance party on the island of Serendip. Delight in the Rumble of an afternoon thunderstorm and follow the Summon to celebrate the sunset At the Ganga. Immerse yourself in a Mud Bath and get lost in a meandering Desert Reverie. Finally, fall asleep and awaken to your own divinity in Lucid Dream.


  • “Go Home, Goat”, Original musical composition and recording with children at Clarendon Elementary of Molly Coxe’s children’s book “Go Home, Goat,” SF, June 2017
  • Serendip by Amber Field’s Caravan, April 2014
  • Mystic Spiral by Amber Field, 2011
  • Silence to Static, Jimmy Johnson, 2008
  • Last Days of Empire, Becky White and the Secret Message, 2007
  • Bijly by Bijly, 2006
  • Rough by Anokha, 2005

Let me know if you would like me to create music for your album, film, Yoga DVD, book, or project.

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