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Amber_Field_portraits_0106“The didgeridoo immediately clears the mind of ‘monkey chatter’ so that the thought planted in calm will take root. The Aborigines use it for enlightenment and elevating consciousness.”–Phil Jones

Didgeridoo is an indigenous Australian instrument that the aboriginal peoples use to tell their dreamtime, or story of creation. I love this instrument because it connects you to your breath, emotions, rhythms, and voice. I first discovered didgeridoo in 1999 and was inspired to begin learning from a female musician. I then began making my own bamboo didgeridoos. I’m eternally grateful to this instrument because I safely and creatively released many painful emotions and discovered my own songs and music along the journey.

I teach the basic drone, circular breathing, tonguing, cheek techniques, wobbling, jaw dropping, animal sounds, vocal cries, singing into the didge, overblowing (tooting), different didgeridoo and world rhythms, and more. Circular breathing is critical to be able to play continuously. Some students have been able to learn it in a few lessons, while others take a month or two. Be patient. It took me 3 weeks of blowing into a straw every day to learn how to circular breathe. It’s also an excellent aid in relieving sleep apnea as it strengthens throat muscles.

I love sharing traditional didgeridoo rhythms as well as other world rhythms and songs into the didgeridoo in an expressive style of playing with lots of vocalization.

Individual sessions are $100/hour in my Albany studio. Special buy 6 sessions for $550 and save $50. $120 for house calls in SF.

“Her patience with a new student is heartfelt. She’s an amazing teacher – no need to look elsewhere.”— Les Leventhal, yoga instructor and didge student
“I had gotten to the point where I was not progressing. I have been taking monthly lessons with Amber for several years and improve every lesson. She is a cheerful, positive teacher.”–Don S, didgeridoo student

2nd Video: Didgeridoo and Djembe Performance in Cusco, Peru


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